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 The Pinger - October 9th, 2000
This robot was the first in BattleBricks to use rubber bands to power a battering ram. The battering ram was relatively small in size and power, but it was a new idea that would later be improved upon. It was named "Pinger" instead of "Batter" because the main offense was hardly destructive enough to warrant a more respect-commanding name.
 Screech - January 9th, 2000
Screech was the first robot to implement a spinning perimeter defensinve/offensive tactic. Eight universal joints connecting axels around the perimeter with "catches" composed this robot's offense and defense. This was the first table top competition and Screech was able to "catch" a robot on its spinning perimeter and lift it off its wheels and escort it to the edge of the table to be dropped off. Together, Gregg's "Screech" and Will Gorman's "Tred" cleared the table top of all other bots and wound up 50/50 when faced off against each other. Screech earned its name because of the awful screeching sound that its "catches" made as they scraped against the table top. It was worse than fingernails on a blackboard.
 The Spider - January 25th, 2001
The Spider was a robot that clung to the walls of the arena leaving nothing touching the floor of the arena. It was able to move back and forth along the wall utilizing either of two attack mechanisms. The first was a large spinning fly wheel that generated a hefty amount of momentum once it reached maximum velocity. Any robot caught underneath it suffer the "thump". The other offensive was a lego gattling gun that could spit out seven 2x4 bricks per second if cranked at a high speed. Spider slowed the gun down to one brick every 4-5 seconds to conserve ammunition. The projectiles were not a threat at all and only succeeded in congesting the battlefield with debris. But it was a novel idea and was different from every bot seen so far.
 Screech II - February 23rd, 2001
"Screech II" was the descendent of "Screech". The improvement was a more streamlined construction which was much stronger and required less bricks to build. It featured three tiers of the spinning perimeter offense/defense instead of "Screech's" one level. There wasn't much novelity here - just improvements on its ancestor's features. Unfortunately for Screech II, this was the battle where we learned that universal joints are not very strong. Screech II split three universal joints in the first battle while entangling enemy robots, rendering the spinning perimeter useless. Screech II also didn't make that hideous sound that its ancestor did - but the legacy of daddy's name had to live on.
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