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 Battlebricks - The Early Year(s)
Lest you think Battlebricks was always so suave and organized, be assured, we had our growing pains too. We've found some of the earliest web pages we put up along with some of the prototypes for our redesign that happened sometime around February of 2001.

Just so you know, these were just found lying about. Almost ALL of the links are broken and most of the images don't work. So, honestly, we're not sure how interesting this will be for anyone outside the group, but eh, here you go.

The original web page (with original BB logo from Tom...)
A slight modification to the original that added some tables.
The first redesigned prototype. Let's just say this one never made it live.
A bit more organized version of the first redesign It's got the structure and layout, but let's just say the team didn't take to the color scheme.
Hmm, starting to get there...
Now that's getting somewhere This is pretty close to what we ended up with except for a smaller background image
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