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 BattleBrick Links

RCX Software
RCX and Java :)Nuff said.
NQC -- Get It!Programming Language of choice.
LegOSLego Operating System! Thanks Dan!
TinyVMA mini Java-OS for the RCX. I have GOT to get me some Mindstorms.
Mindstorm-on-Linux Mini-HOWTOMore than just Linux; most of this will run on Cygwin, too.
RCX Command CenterNQC Development Environment
Smalltalk for RCXAnother OO platform for RCX
RCXPortJava Interface to RCX IR
Java World - RCXAn article about java & RCX
JiniTanksA cool article about Jini & Java

Mindstorm Hardware
Mindstorms Internals and cool LinksGreat in depth detail on the hardware
Even more in depth detail about the RCXMore than you want to know!
Techno-StuffHomebrew sensors and other great parts
TFM's Lego Invention pageExpander Circuits

Building Techniques
Direction Splitter2 examples of direction splitters
Directional TransmissionDave Baum's Directional Transmission
One Motor CarJoe's example of a directional transmission
Doug's LEGO Robotics Pagecool legobot designs
Lego DesignA good intro to technic design

Online Lego Shops
BAYLITOrder individual Legos here
Brick BayOrder individual Legos Here
Pitsco Dacta Online StoreOrder various legos related to Mindstorms
Robot StoreLego Mindstorms for sale

Other Links
Lego MindstormsWhere the fun began!
Autonomous Robotics at CWRUAn informative page on Lego robotics
BattleBotsThe Future of Robotic Sports
LeoCADCAD program for Lego - thanks Tom
Proximity Detector.Use the advanced code!
BrickshelfCheck out the market report for the current Price per piece, and trending.
Joes Mindstorm GalleryAn interesting gallery of various Mindstorm bots
TechnicaA very cool site devoted to Lego Technic
LUGNETGlobal community of LEGO enthusiasts
Mindstorms WebRingcool mindstorm sites
LEGO MechcommanderLego Models of Mechwarriors - very cool
The Robot CafeAn internet portal devoted to robotics
A Lego Technic PageA neat page with interesting facts about technic.
AcronameEasier Robotics!
Lego Mindstorms MonthlyAn Internet publication of the Lego Mindstorms Forum Group
Ace UplinkOffers robot articles, forums, tutorials, downloads, resources and more.
Active RobotsEducational and Amateur Robotics
First Lego LeagueA joint league between First and Lego

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