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 Previous Battles
September 14th, 2007 - Check out the robots that competed in our latest autonomous arena battle. We welcome our newest member, David Kincade, to the excitement of BattleBricks! Check out the video to see Spintaho in action.
May 2nd, 2007 - As a follow up to our PingPong Battle Competition, we had a PingPong Removal Competition. Doug, Mike and Will each had their unique approaches to removing balls. A video will be published shortly.
February 5th, 2007 - These are pictures of our first ever Autonomous PingPong Battle Competition.
January, 2007 - After a long hiatus, BattleBricks has returned with an Autonomous Arena Battle. We've also relocated to Orlando Florida! Long live the robots!
February 7th, 2004 - MathCounts 2004 - We held our first ever joust contest and a special soccer battle at this year's MathCounts. The Joust contest ended up being more like a sumo on a stick contest, so we will probably have a more "energetic" competition down the road, where the main objective is to knock around the other robot. The highlight of the soccer battle was when we decided to put the Lego RC Car in the arena and have it's way with the little soccerbots. The kids loved it!
August 6th, 2003 - GE Power Systems Safety Day - BattleBricks entertained at this years GE Power Systems Safety day in Schenectady, NY. This was a great opportunity for us to advertise battlebricks as a super cool hobby. Also, we got really nice polo shirts made up with the BattleBricks logo. Check out the pictures of lego distruction!
March 1st, 2003 - ScienceBowl 2003 - This was a similar battle to our MathCounts competition, but with a presentation to the high school kids along with some updated robots.
February 1st, 2003 - This was our second annual MathCounts event. As you can see from the pictures, we had a great time! Some highlights from this battle include the first Pneumatics Lifter, and the first legos to leave the arena at high speeds!
January 23rd, 2003 - This was a preliminary Battle put on at work. We got to test out some ideas and improve for MathCounts. Check out the images!
October 17th, 2002 - Not exactly a battle as much as an engineering challenge, here are the pictures from our first drag race.
March 2nd, 2002 - This was our first attempt at an RC TableTop. This battle was done at the Science Bowl in Schenectady, NY.
February 2nd, 2002 - It's been a while, but we've come back with a vengance! Check out some pictures from our dual soccer and table top battles at MathCounts!
July 11th, 2001 - The first ever SoccerBattle! The good news is that it was a lot of fun! The bad news is that no one brought any cameras.
May 22rd, 2001 - After a fun semester of too much work, we are back in action! This battle was our first attempt at a team competition. Each bot contains two RCX's and plenty of lego. Check out the pics!
February 23rd, 2001 - Our First RC Battle! Check out the pics!
January 24th, 2001 - 7 BOTS! (One Duplo!)
January 9th, 2001 - Table Top...
October 9th, 2000 - Another amazing battle!! Check out the images!
September 25th, 2000 - Our first battle was a great success!!

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