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 Black Cross - August, 2000
Image Not Available Black Cross is one of the original BattleBricks. His main offense was himself. He would drive around until he bumped into something, and then attack it by spinning. His basic design looked like a + sign.
 Shredder - September 25th, 2000
Conceptually, Shredder was a piece of art. After his well known 3 second delay, his offense would start up. He would then go out and find robots to eat for lunch. Too bad the second his shredders touched anything, they would stop. Also, he wasn't balance perfectly, so he ended up on his back a few times..
 Not So Smart - October 8th, 2000
NSS was a simple wedge robot. He was partially effective, but due to a programming error, he failed to be a contender. He will probably have a sequel in the near future.
 Pointee - December 15th, 2000
This robot had a slim design and one main mode: ATTACK. He drove around and rammed anything he could, including the arena walls. Due to his design, it was impossible to flip him over. Too bad his wheels didn't stay on..
 Tred - January 9th, 2001
Tred's main theme was the tank treds going up the middle of the bot. This lifted other bots that pushed against him. Also, his four touch sensors on all sides acted as a lifting mechanism, due to their angle on the ground. Keeping his weight close to the ground and low gearing his wheels, he was quite effective in the Table Top Battle.
 Hammer - January 24th, 2001
Hammer was a beast. He probably weighed around 5 lbs. His main weapon was a... hammer. I'll have more detail about his offense system and of his touch sensors soon. He did alright in battle, but not as well as everyone hoped. He hit his hardest if bots were close to the ground, which most of them weren't.
 The Fork - February 23rd, 2001
The Fork was my first attempt at an RC bot. He was well built... He had zero injuries in the battle. He didn't really start doing damage until the end, when once of his fork prongs broke off, and I found it was easier to rip stuff off of other bots. :-)
 PuncherBot - May 22nd, 2001
I worked with Ben on creating PuncherBot for the Team Competition. We went a little crazy, and had a complete 360 degree turret with a puncher arm that could move up and down. Our bot didn't fare well against the lifter that Mike Petersen used. We still got a couple hits in before he completely ripped us apart. (we are the one on the left).
 Quickie - July 11th, 2001
Image Not Available Quickie was a simple soccer bot that had speed on its side. I decided to use 4 motors to power the 2 wheels. I didn't have a kicker mechanism built into the bot, so it wasn't a very good scorer.
 Spider - February 2nd, 2002
Spider was a simple TableTop bot that used rounded beams in a circle to act as a wedge. This was quite effective. He had touch sensors on all four corners to detect the edge of the table.
 Flipper - February 2nd, 2002
Flipper was a bot built specifically to take out Mike Petersen's Goalie Bot. He wasn't very good at playing soccer, but could launch a bot in the air if he had to.
 The Brick - March 2nd, 2002
I built the Brick quickly before leaving on vacation. Although I didn't attend the battle, Brick won at least three of the competitions. Brick is the exact size of a piece a paper, which makes him exactly the maximum size for this competition. This is my first color coordinated bot.
 SpeedBot - October 17th, 2002
This bot was only built for speed. He had a couple of bad runs where he ran into the wall. Pieces went everywhere each time. Quite fun. Maybe next time I'll spend a little more time coding.
 SpinnerBot - January 23rd, 2003
SpinnerBot was my first attempt at a spinner. It wasn't too bad for its size. He uses two motors with a rubberband pulley system to spin. Check out the SpinnerBot Model!
 MojoSpin - February 1st, 2003
MojoSpin uses 4 motors to spin. The spinner was very effective! The only downside is that it would destroy itself after a single hit. I kept repairing during the battle, so he got a few hits in. This was the first bot to propel legos out of the arena through the air! Check out the MojoSpin Model!
 WedgeBot - Never Battled
WedgeBot was meant to participate in the January 2003 battle, but he was never used. This is a very simple design, and you can build it yourself: Instructions
 Benobi - March 1st, 2003
Benobi is a puncher bot similar to PuncherBot, except it only requires a single RCX and 4 motors. He could punch through cardboard boxes pretty easily, but it ended up being difficult to attack moving targets. Thanks Ben for letting me borrow your RCX and motors! Check out Benobi's Weapon System Model!
 Lift-o-matic - January 24th, 2007
Lift-o-matic is my first Pneumatic Bot. He had two pumping systems that drove a two piston lifter. For a secondary weapon system he has gears grinding, which made more noise then were effective. I declared myself the winner of this battle, although there may have been some disagreement on that.
 AccordionBot - January 24th, 2007
AccordionBot was my entry into the first ever PingPongBattle BattleBricks Challenge. The goal of the battle was to get more pingpong balls on your side than your opponent in a two minute round. AccordionBot started off in a 16x16 inch square, extended the 6 feet of the arena, drove forward, dropped the accordion, and pulled the balls back. Most of the time he didn't work the way I'd like him to, although he did place 2nd during our re-match.
 The Elevator - February 5th, 2007
Image Not Available The Elevator dominated its competitors in a table top battle. The longest knockout took 8 seconds. Most took 4.
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